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Use Celebrity Magazines

Fashion is not just about the clothes that you wear, but also the footwear and accessories that you have. It all starts from the top of your head to the bottom part of your feet. All of these things are accounted as part of your celebrity copycat fashion style. While getting your fashion inspiration from the stars, it is recommended to use magazines. This is one of the tips to follow to keep up with the most updated trends in celebrity fashion. By using celebrity magazines, you […]

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The Fashion Basics

The basics of fashion consist of building a suitable and well-balanced wardrobe. This also includes the do’s and don’ts in fashion, the mistakes that you need to avoid, especially in terms of dressing and styling yourself and certain fashion rules to follow. The basics also cover the fundamentals of styles and designs. Although all designs integrate the elements or components of fashion design, the principles of design as well as its fundamentals or guiding rules whether governed or not by specific design is aesthetically pleasing and successful. […]

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Use Accessories to Achieve that Perfect Look

Have you watched the Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Oscars? You may have seen celebrities showing off their accessories. They always achieve that perfect look while stepping out of the center stage. Why do you think celebrities look great? Celebrities look great because they have designers that create and tailor their outfits to fit their gorgeous bodies. As well, jewelers make accessories that complement their outfits. Once you have seen them wearing these accessories, you may also want the same pieces. You just need to purchase them at affordable […]

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Make Sure You Have a Good Fit

When becoming a celebrity copycat, making sure that you have a good fit is crucial. You must remember that the sculptured physiques and hot bodies of celebrities are not purely based on genetics and good luck. And although it is true that some celebrities are born to be naturally slender and find it easy to stay thin, you may not be the same as them. It is best to take a closer look at the behind scenes and see how celebrities are live every minute of their […]

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Determine Your Body Type

Different individuals have different features, physical attributes and body types. You will notice that some people are naturally skinny, fat or naturally muscular or lean. People have different body types, which play a big role in how they look. The following information will help you learn about the different body types, ways to determine your body type and the advantages of understanding what your body type is. All individuals are not created equal. One displays features that the other one does not possess. You have to understand […]

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