The Fashion Basics

The basics of fashion consist of building a suitable and well-balanced wardrobe.

This also includes the do’s and don’ts in fashion, the mistakes that you need to avoid, especially in terms of dressing and styling yourself and certain fashion rules to follow.

The basics also cover the fundamentals of styles and designs.

Although all designs integrate the elements or components of fashion design, the principles of design as well as its fundamentals or guiding rules whether governed or not by specific design is aesthetically pleasing and successful.

Basics of Fashion Designs

The basics of fashion designs are as follows:


There are several fashion techniques that fashion designers use in order to put an emphasis on a fashion accessory or garment feature. This technique might include adding cut offs, embellishments and so on.

Using colors and their placement is also a way of creating emphasis. Learning about emphasis can help an individual choose the perfect fashion accessory or garment to wear.


In fashion design and style, balance can be obtained with the use of certain features such as hemlines, seams and necklines.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance applications can be both effective depending on the features and preference of the person.


In fashion design, proportion is very important. The size of several components of fashion garments should correlate so they look great together.

Proportion is one of the most vital principles of fashion.


When the concept of unity in fashion is applied appropriately, the over-all look of a fashion accessory or garment is expected to be great.

It looks as though all design and style elements contribute to create a harmonious whole.

When unity is effectively applied, every element will enhance the other rather than distract the style or design.

The elements of fashion are as follows:


This is a very important element in fashion design and there are actually plenty of color schemes that work great.

There is a color wheel showing the compatible and appropriate color combinations which can be useful when individuals are trying to figure out certain colors that will go well with their wardrobe or accessories.

In the fashion world, neutral colors still play a huge role for these can be worn with almost anything while different rules apply to dark and light colors.

To make colors work, individuals should know the most flattering and stunning colors that will look great on them.


In other design types, form and shape are considered elements. In fashion design, form and shape amount to a silhouette of a fashion accessory or garment.


Lines play a crucial role in the field of fashion design. Creation of garments simply means that there is a seam line holding a group of fabric sections together.

Lines can be curved or straight. Lines in particular patterns and seam lines running vertically can suit petite women more than the lines running horizontally.

For short women, asymmetrical lines are perfect but these will still depend on their placement.


This is another important element of fashion design. Other materials or fabrics like findings and trims for fashion accessories and clothing can have a series of textures.

All of these can affect the look of the fashion accessory or garment. The texture and weave of fabrics pose an impact on how this drapes which therefore affects how the garment looks when being worn.

All these are important ideas and information that one should know in order to become a fabulous fashionista.

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